#10-4 Wedding trends to be successful this SPRING

4 Wedding trends to succeed this SPRING

Wedding trends

Who wants to get married?


The most top seasons of weddings begin, and it is now when as guests or as a couple we have to know all the trends that will make our day, a day to remember.

There are many new trends, innovative and breakthrough with everything classic, we are sure you will love it.

The four trends that we have highlighted:

1 - Combine colors to achieve the expected result on your wedding day

This year will highlight the combination of different colors for all kinds of details of the wedding event, from the dresses of the guests, through the tablecloths and invitations to the dance floor.

You can combine colors like a more powerful lavender with a lilac that gives a touch relaxing but together these two colors get a very nice effect. Otherwise you can also combine the classic black and white with metallic or gold details that give a unique look. If you are the ones who prefer more intense and passionate colors, there is nothing like combining red with pastel white, which will show the reality of a wedding, that is, love and passion, combined with fidelity and friendship. Other colors that are also trends in this wedding season are pastel roses, from lighter ones to darker ones, they are a guaranteed bet.

2 - Perfect places for your perfect day

The quintessential tendency is to celebrate the wedding in a huge tipi, which you can decorate it with pastel colors, yellow lights that give a casual and natural touch, add vines flowers and imagination to build a warm and cozy place.

3 - Balloons

Balloons will now not only be present at birthdays, but will also be
Luxury details at weddings. Metallic, golden, black and white balloons are a
trend that you must aim for your event.

4 - informal Touch

Your wedding can still be classic and exclusive, but add an informal look to entertain your guests, such as games on the lawn, a picnic as an entree or after dinner. In general, the trend that will stand out this spring season is the idea of setting a garden and enjoy as much as possible of the outdoors, decorating it as we said before with beautiful lights, flowers and much more.

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